Ditch the pack!

I use one bottle on my bike and this one on my back and have eliminated using a pack for mountain biking. This bottle is so comfortable that I forget it's even there! Well worth the money. Only gripe is that the lid could be a bit better.  -Jarel Y.

Close but not quite there yet

The concept and the bottle are great. The weakness is in the bite valve. It is cheap and plastic-y (if that's a word). Figure out how to get the same bite valve as high end bottles and you have yourself a winner.  -Freidrich R.


its a present for my dad

its a present for my dad so i havent really used it yet, but judging by the quality of the build i think hes going to enjoy it well, gotta stay hydrated thanks backbottle!  -Fred B.


Shape is perfect, if it would hold it.

Overall, I really like the concept behind backbottle, but have a few issues with the product itself. Whatever plastic it is made out of, it doesn't return to it's shape verry well after squeezing it. This means fiddling with it while riding to get it to "snap back" to its original shape. Quite annoying. Secondly, the valve flow isn't great and is a little tight to open and close. However, the bottle is quite comfortable and easy to take out and put back in a jersey pocket. Fix these couple of annoyances and I would buy several  -James H.



Good product, does exactly what I needed. The cap has a slow leak or this review would have been 5 stars. -Raymond D.


Perfect for heat

While being able to hold extra water is all well and good; this bottle has really been helping me out when it’s been hot out. I freeze the bottle the night before a day that is supposed to be really hot (we’ve had way too many 100+ days here in the inland empire) and just toss it into my back pocket or radio pocket to help stay cool for an extra hour or two. Makes the heat all that much more bearable  -Taylor T.


close to perfect!

I purchased a couple of back bottles to use in a self supported 70 mile gravel grinder race that had some pretty rugged terrain. the bottles slip in and out of my jersey pocket so easily! I would have given the bottle 5 stars if the plastic was a bit more supple. it's a bit rigid but I found that if you squeeze towards the cap while drinking (instead of down by the base) that it still works well  -Rick N.


Product exceeds expectations. Arrived quickly.

Product exceeds expectations. Arrived quickly. -Isreal B.

Great product!

Just bought four bottles - fantastic product that I would highly recommend! -Ryan H.

Love the Backbottle

I used the backbottles for a 200K and they were awesome, they allow you to go further without stopping. Racing is equally great with the backbottle. I prefer them to the seatpost clamp/cage water bottle holders. Less weight, no set up, no having to unbolt anything when not in use! They get the job done -Oscar S.

Excellent idea for a extra

Excellent idea for a extra water bottle on hot days. I now use on every ride over an hour. It also feels good having some ice on your back while riding in the heat! - Marvin S.

Great solution for mountain bikes

Great solution for mountain bikes without a water bottle holder. -Curtis M.

It works! Minor improvements recommended

First of all this thing really works! It fits jersey pockets well, stays put and is comfortable for long rides. The bottle doesn't leak and is easy to use on ride. For recommendations: I'd like the bottle to be a little easier to squeeze than it currently is. Also the current design can kink around the retention ridge if the bottle is squeezed hard. It seems like long term this could be an issue. -Scott W.